Letter to Myself - Into The Autumn

Nostalgic music and personal, poetic lyrics sung by a summery voice that gives each element the right importance.

Letter to Myself - Into The Autumn

Letter to Myself takes me back to a fonder time of uplifting folk pop that is instantly implanted into your mind with an arm-waving instrumental and a signature high note. It is a love letter to oneself reminding us that whatever has happened, we'll be okay.

In the nineties and noughties, romantic guitar pop was all the rage and this is where the single takes us back but uses a bit more imagination than three repeated verses and a predictable key change. Instead, Letter chooses to switch up the melody and the lyrics and make the second half of the song one of greater conviction and badassery. She will be okay.

Many new musicians, even with the ease of digital music mastering can fall into the trap of putting music together and then plopping the vocals on top and making the two sound unrelated. Into The Autumn use the complex instrumental and weave the vocal into it with reverb and sound effects to make sure it all sounds as pleasing as the light head bopping pop music of yore did.

It does however fall short – quite literally. The song seems to end quite abruptly with a sudden keyboard fade out and end to the singing. A song with self-empowering sentiment would need a more subtle coming-full-circle whereas, in terms of its length, Letter feels unfinished.

Music that sounds like music that isn't as popular anymore is always refreshing and that's precisely what Into The Autumn have accomplished here. With their upcoming EP, we hope for consistence!


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  • On 5 November 2016, 23:22 [Deleted User] commented:

    Such a kind review! Thank you so much x

  • On 5 November 2016, 23:47 [Deleted User] commented:

    I know Damian since he was 19 years old and he had already carried his guitar...Im proud of Into The Autumn! They really worked out and didnt stop followinh their dream: THE MUSIC!
    Best wishes from Spain!!

  • On 6 November 2016, 06:31 [Deleted User] commented:

    Having followed Damien for a fair few years now his music has become a way and part of life. Into the Autumn bring something that sounds both familiar but fresh and current to the table. Letter to myself is quite literally a song of promise that reassures the listener through the vocals that it will be ok. The instrumental is strong and carries the song and drives it forward. There are points of unpredictability with key changes and drive throughout the song, but this only highlights the direction the artists want you to take within the song. Strong vocals with an uplifting vibe coupled with the strength of the instrumental make this song both easy on the ears but refreshing on the mind. Wishing them every success as they so deserve it. Thank you for the music guys and keep up the great work x

  • Luke Taylor

    On 7 November 2016, 10:19 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    I love the simplicity - you don't get that kind of authenticity these days...

  • On 7 November 2016, 15:11 [Deleted User] commented:

    Thanks Luke

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