A Pocketful of Grimms

A fun, entertaining show that will enchant children and entertain adults.

A Pocketful of Grimms

A Pocketful of Grimms is an enjoyable retelling of some of the classic Grimm fairytales. Four talented actors perform versions of the well-known and well-loved tales, including Hansel and Gretel, Beauty and the Beast and the less well-known but very amusing The Bird, the Mouse and the Sausage. The narrative is clear and comprehensible and the juggling and magic tricks weaved throughout delight the kids in the audience.

The adaptable set is used cleverly by the actors to seamlessly show changes in location, and the use of singing to represent the passage of time adds another dimension to the performance. Changes in character are portrayed effectively through impressive vocal changes and minor costume alterations, whilst animals - and Rumplestiltskin - are depicted by interesting, detailed puppets. The underlying story weaving the tales together is sweet and effortless interaction with the audience keeps children excited and intrigued.

A Pocketful of Grimms is a lovely show that is ideal for young children whilst still keeping adults entertained. I would definitely recommend that families see this show, as the stories are ones we all know and love but are told in a refreshing and enchanting way.

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A Pocketful of Grimms is on at 11:15 every day until August 29th, excluding Monday 22nd, at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.

To find out more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.


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