Marcel Lucont's Whine List

The wine-sipping, suit-wearing, soft-speaking Frenchman is back, and we have finally mustered the courage to go and review him again!

Marcel Lucont's Whine List

Marcel Lucont, the refined and arrogant French alter-ego of Alexis Dubus is now running a show that serves as a group therapy session, but one where effectively everyone will leave more depressed.

Getting people to fill in forms before the show, detailing the worst day at work, worst first amorous meeting, and worst experience abroad, Lucont took us through some of the most bizarre and dubious submissions, drawing humour from both the situation and the awkwardness of the audience member regaling us with the story.

Last night, some of the horror stories included a mouse being killed in a restaurant with a potato masher, which then was used in the mash, ruining an entire scene of Game of Thrones when it was being filmed, and ending up topless on a bungee-jump, which was being shown on a big screen. Additionally, he pulled up "vintage whines", which were the best stories from previous shows, ensuring that every night you'll see a different performance.

The stereotypical Frenchman delivered exceptionally quick-witted deadpan retorts to hecklers and participants alike. Even when doing 'scripted' comedy, he stayed in character perfectly, showing a wonderful indifference towards the world and the people who inhabit it. He offered a refreshing point of view on Brexit, given the French persona he has adopted, with a softly spoken yet somehow condescending tone of voice that is enjoyably contrasted to the typical aggressive and boisterous comedy performances that inhabit the Fringe.

It was by no means a perfect show though. The reading of his autobiography was a particularly weak point, eliciting only minor laughs, and the song, although relevant in light of some of the audience's submissions, missed the mark.

The video production at the end of the show redeemed this though; a mockumentary (with just a little bit too much truth) about life on the coast. It was both funny and clever, and really showed Lucont at his best. Dry, sarcastic, and judgemental.

Erudite, blunt, rude and hilarious, Lucont is definitely one to catch at the Fringe.

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Marcel Lucont's Whine List is performing at the Pleasance Dome at 21:30. Tickets and more information are available on the EdFringe website.


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