Peter and Bambi Heaven: The Magic Inside

A crazy show put on by a crazy duo.

Peter and Bambi Heaven: The Magic Inside

Having read about this show before going in, I was suitably excited. I was expecting amazing dancing, mind-blowing magic and a lot of glitter. Instead, what I was faced with was some average dancing, a feeble attempt at magic and almost no glitter. It was funny. In a 'this is so bad it's funny kind of way'…

I was disappointed at the amount of cheap tricks this duo employed to gain laughs from their audience. It seemed to be some sort of rule that if one of them was fully/appropriately dressed, then the other had to have body parts on display. The use of a large amount of haze helped to completely obscure the audience's view whenever a 'magic' trick was happening and the destruction of various fruits and vegetables doesn't constitute good magic for me.

The duo themselves were completely and utterly nuts. Brilliantly so, in a kind of weird way. Everything was delivered with crazy over-the-top energy and they did have everyone laughing, particularly those consuming alcoholic beverages. Each section of their show got weirder and weirder, and just as you thought it couldn't get any more so, it did. There was the whacky, the disgusting and the ridiculous as the duo danced, sang and hypnotised their way through the show.

I don't know that I have the appropriate words to fully describe this show, because, despite it making me laugh, felt as if I was laughing for the wrong reasons. I was shocked, confused, and by the end I felt very very sorry for their stage management team. At least I got a nice heart shaped balloon during the mime portion of the evening…

If you're looking for a crazy show to lift your spirits, then this is the show for you!

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Peter and Bambi Heaven: The Magic Inside is on at 22:30 until August 28th, excluding the 15th at Assembly George Square Gardens.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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