Ria Lina: Dear Daughter

A fun, music-filled, advice-giving show full of laughter and crazy stories.

Ria Lina: Dear Daughter

The combination of Ria's amusing anecdotes, upfront letters and original songs makes for a funny and intimate show about life, death and growing up, all centred around advice for her children. Her show is mostly light-hearted and fun, with the occasional dark moment or progressively darker suggestions on a topic, but all this makes for a fascinating and fun show.

Ria has a natural ability for entertaining, shown both in her comedic skill and in her song-writing and performing, which had the audience laughing regularly. Her piece is eye-opening and covers topics that we generally don't discuss much as a society, so it is very interesting to see this being challenged so openly. Ria seemed very comfortable on stage and engaged with every member of the audience through her show, involving us and using our stories and life situations to aid her in her jokes and anecdotes.

There was no point at which I wondered how long I'd been sitting there or how long was left, time just seemed to pass effortlessly and Ria held the attention of her audience easily. Her stories are funny as well as individual and she let's you in to her life more and more with each story she tells. Her letters to her daughter are touching and inspiring and her songs are funny and sometimes ridiculous, but all this together made for a great show which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall, this show is interesting and fun and is a slightly different take on the stand up I've seen before. I really enjoyed it and recommend seeing it if you can!

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Ria Lina: Dear Daughter is on at 21:15 every night until the 29th August, in the Gilded Balloon Turret.

For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


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