Lucy Porter: Consequences

A funny, confident and witty stand-up show without a quiet moment.

Lucy Porter: Consequences

After a comparatively quiet start, Lucy's show took off at lightning speed as she regaled us with stories of her family life now, compared to that of her 16 year old self. With an anecdote for every story, and a real-life example to follow, Lucy had her whole audience laughing from the second she started her set.

Her comfort and confidence on stage and her ability to never leave a silence in the auditorium made for a funny and enjoyable show, full of smiles, laughter and one or two amused tears. With ease and clarity, she explored various current issues we are facing today, as well as comparing her life now to the one she dreamed she would have when she was a teenager.

As one of the younger members of the audience, I was surprised to find myself laughing at things she pegged as suitable for 'over 40s', and didn't feel out of place or uncomfortable at any point. Quite the contrary, I really enjoyed myself, and even found myself crying from laughter at one point. Lucy is naturally funny and a joy to watch, as she obviously loves what she is doing and has a natural affinity for it.

The audience very much enjoyed the show, and Lucy often played on this, which made for a unique and enjoyable experience, especially when she found the 15 year old in the audience, which she used to her advantage in her section about life in her 40s.

Overall, Lucy is confident and very funny and I thoroughly enjoyed her show, don't miss it!

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Lucy Porter: Consequences is on at 17:30 until August 28th, excluding the 15th and 22nd, at Pleasance Forth.

For more information and to book tickets, click here.


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