Burning Love. To the ground. An interactive show with Lasagna

Funny, crude, and making me somewhat hungry...a show about the sentimentality of love and the blunt, yet wonderful, truth behind it.

Burning Love. To the ground. An interactive show with Lasagna

A small, windowless room with a brick wall for a background, a further three black-washed walls and a man with a pot of lasagna. No, I hadn't woken up somewhere after a drunken night out. It was the set for Steve Hili's Burning Love, which was probably one of the best things I saw at Brighton Fringe.

Hili regaled the audience with stories of his own youth, and his experience with love as he grew up. This included his love for the best page 3 girl of all time, and his realisation about the real value of love, which I won't tell because that's for you to work out.

I don't think there was dull moment during the show - every person in the room was laughing and the atmosphere was "love"ly. I really enjoyed it. Hili delivered a show that was both hilarious yet really interesting and eye-opening for any young person hoping to find their first romance.

The show was perfect, the comedian was perfect, the lasagna was...lasagna. This exceeded my expectations, and you must see it ASAP.


14-15 May 14:30 Free, non-ticketed [1hr]



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