Nell Gwynn

In light of the show's win at the Olivier's the other night, I have finally got around to posting my review of this fabulous show.

I must start by saying that I personally think this show 100% deserved its Olivier Award. I knew very little of Nell Gwynn's story or what the show would be like prior to seeing it and was looking forward to being surprised. It was like nothing I could have imagined. It was bright, colourful and full of fun and I quite honestly enjoyed every second.

I thought the set was stunning and worked wonderfully both as an exterior and interior. I was so impressed that the set was fixed throughout the show and was able to represent every location with ease and simplicity. The props and scenic art were simple but effective and helped to make the storytelling very easy. The lighting was vibrant and cheerful and the costumes were beautiful.

The live band was wonderful. The music was old-fashioned and often quite fast and they did a fabulous job of setting the scene of a 17th century theatre. The cast were tremendous, Gemma Arterton in particular absolutely shone in this role, bringing an element of sass and charm to the character that made her a joy to watch. You could see that every single member of the cast loved what they were doing which made it even more enjoyable.

Overall it was witty, amusing and bright and I loved watching it. I kind of wish I had been able to see it when it was on at the globe because I can see it being even better there (if that's possible). I couldn't help wishing I was backstage working on such a fun show and I definitely recommend seeing it if you can!


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