BBC Radio Shropshire Review

My exciting visit around the BBC Radio Shropshire venue!

My visit to BBC Radio Shropshire studios on the evening of 12 June was really enjoyable. We were shown around by an experienced journalist and broadcaster – Genevieve Tudor – who shared many stories and skills in how to become a journalist. Once inside the building, it came alive with history and an array of awards they have won over the years which was very impressive!

The highlights of the tour were seeing the recording booths where they would interview different people from far and wide, I got to sit where the broadcasters produce their live shows and speak into the microphone which was exciting. Plus, I got to explore how a real broadcast camera works which they use around the county to record local news, and also how they record within the studio where people come and sit in front of a Shrewsbury backdrop. 

I saw their logo car (which looked similar to the Ghostbusters vehicle!) they use when attending local events such as festivals or celebrations and got to look at all the buttons and dials they use on their technical equipment. I also learnt how to record a sound in the recording booth which made me feel happy.

It was a real privilege to walk around this well-known venue as not many people get the

opportunity, so if you ever do get a chance to tour this property, it’s a must!


  • Dayna Jeynes

    On 21 June 2024, 12:46 Dayna Jeynes commented:

    Sounds like a great day!!

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