Semaj Dee dares to Dream

Semaj Dee, Londoner and soul singer, releases DREAMS featuring Georgai Ann Muldrow and rapper Wakai.

Semaj Dee dares to Dream

London-based singer Semaj Dee has teamed up with American rapper Wakai and soul legend Georgia Anne Muldrow to create a romantic hip hop ballad celebrating the power of love in 'Dreams'.

The lyrics are delightfully optimistic, summing up that feeling of falling in love, where all you can think about is the other person. The gorgeous soulful vocals are given an extra edge by Wakai's rap; the track captures that moment when you can't actually believe that something this amazing can really be happening to you and your whole life feels like a delightful dream.

Semaj Dee is a classically trained musician who transitioned to gospel and soul in his teens; his skill as a songwriter is evidenced on Dreams with its clever blending of genres and voices. 


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