My review for the Luminarium for Bronze art awards

A review for the Bronze Art Awards part B, a visit to The Illuminarium Luminimax in Nottingham Lakeside

I’ve been visiting the different Luminariums for a few years and I always forget how amazing they are when you go inside with the colours and music playing it’s magical.

A luminarium is a huge inflatable, pneumatic walkable sculpture by Architects of Air a Nottingham based art and design company, they are inspired by natural forms, geometric solids, Islamic and gothic architecture. Made from brightly coloured PVC

The colours are how they are because of the suns light, it shines and inside the colours look very pretty.

Every 300 days witch is split over 4 years the use them. To make new one to recycle them which is better for the environment.

It was a very good day with the sun shining for it to get the colors I love, but it did make it hot inside it and with the lots of people it was loud and everyone’s was running around everywhere which I didn’t like very much.


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