Shrewsbury Krazy Races

My wonderful day at Krazy Races!

Going to the Krazy Races on the 26th May at the Quarry in Shrewsbury was brilliant fun!  Although it was a rainy day, me and my Dad still had the best time.  I was really impressed in how well organised the event was, in how people made their Go-Karts either in a professional or amateur manner that everyone could enjoy.

20 Go-Karts had entered the Krazy Race, one was called the “Woblin’ Goblins”, the Air Ambulance Charity entered with a helicopter, a Fools and Horses Go-Kart like the Trotters Independent Traders three-wheel van, a blue and white Fast and Furrows Go-Kart, a yellow submarine Go-Kart, a funny porta loo cubicle by “Space Mobiles” which made me smile and the “Flaming Aussies” by Oswestry Fire Service using a fire engine design.  Some people were also wearing fancy dress costumes as well, I saw The Beatles, Elvis, Firemen and Goblins wearing green masks and purple capes.  All of them were great!  

I was lucky enough to experience sitting inside the “Woblin’ Goblins” Go-Kart! It was built from recycled materials; unpainted wooden fence panels, a green Grandad’s chair, a chain, lights and ‘Woblin’ plate on the front and the steering wheel was off an old bicycle handlebar.  Seeing how someone had used recycled items was not only good for the planet but showed me you can literally use anything to make a wonderful Go-Kart!

Around the racing area, were several stalls where you could purchase hot and cold food, of which I brought a delicious hot dog!  Other tents/activities I noticed were people selling Krazy Races merchandise, there was a Gaming Tent, a Nerf Gun battle area, a huge screen to watch all the action from the races, a large inflatable slide and there was even a fun fair which included a few rides plus a trampoline for small children.  

My favourite part of the day was seeing all the Go-Karts, everyone had put so much time and effort into them.  One of the races I watched, a Go-Kart was blowing out green smoke which was really different to witness in a race.

Ending our day, we voted for the ‘Woblin’ Goblins’ for their good spirit and sportsmanship.  I would really like to attend a future Krazy Races show and hope it returns next year as it is one Shrewsbury event not to be missed!

Header Image Credit: Woblin' Goblins: Krazy Races


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