Review: 30 and Out

Kit has just turned 30 and she has come out – now she has to work out where she belongs and how to be a lesbian!

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Review: 30 and Out

30 and Out follows Kit and he journey of self-discovery. She has just turned 30 and and left both her boyfriend and the closet! But now what?

This show explores the highs and lows of Kit's life including: losing her virginity, falling in love, getting heartbroken and going to a gay bar for the first time. The piece also acknowledges the hardships and homophobia / transphobia which impact on the queer community. There are references to Pulse night club shootings in Orlando, and the show also contains interviews from lesbians across the country and their experiences to (some of which also contain homophobia). These issues were handled sensitively and the amount of representation within the performance was outstanding! I loved hearing the different perspectives and experiences as well as Kit's story.

The audience really enjoyed the performance, the atmosphere was electric and Kit was so engaging and fun! 30 and Out included poetry, songs, and additional characters – all played by Kit. Every character, no matter how small their part, felt fully-developed. Kit is enlightening, relatable and alluring. I was glued to my seat the entire time and fascinated by her story!

There was a great acknowledgement throughout the piece that it's all too easy to feel like you are behind, or like you are not enough but that it takes time to find yourself. Throughout the piece Kit is trying to find her people –find her place in a community – and I am sure many people in the audience found it comforting to see.

Kit is also very bold in this piece. There are multiple scenes of a sexual nature which were hilarious – slight spoiler but I loved the mirroring between Kit losing her virginity to a female for the first time and a recipe by Nigella Lawson. It was genius!

Overall, the piece was filled with pride, joy and reassurance. The entire audience were escatic throughout and it was clear that the show meant a lot to many people there.

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