Lost, Anxious, In your Twenties?

Your twenties are such an odd time, full of high expectations and confusion. You feel like you should have it all figured out, but you don’t. Anya tells stories from her twenties that are relatable and funny in this piece of spoken word theatre!

Lost, Anxious, In your Twenties?

“Lost, Anxious, In your Twenties?” is a compilation of theatre, stand-up and spoken word exploring what it’s like to be a young person navigating life and trying to work out your place in the world. Anya, a self-proclaimed ‘Highly Sensitive Person’, tells anecdotes from her life and does so in a confident, charismatic and engaging way. Within the piece, Anya talks about awkward, slightly uncomfortable doctor appointments, going swimming in the sea in your underwear, crying at work and the effects of climate change. Your twenties certainly are a strange time, especially in the current world we live in and recent events. 

The content of the performance was so very relatable – I do feel like I should specify that I am a 25-year-old female, so l am probably the target audience. I found myself nodding in agreement and laughing, and so did the rest of the audience. Anya's performance was polished and the timing was to perfection. It felt so complete that I was shocked when she announced this was a work in progress.

Anya leaves the piece with a message of positivity – hope that in her 30’s she will be more sure, more thriving, less anxious, and offered a reminder to hold on to hope. Whilst this is slightly cheesy, it felt genuine and empowering, leaving me thinking about the good things to look forward to in my own life. 

This was one of the first spoken word pieces I have seen live and in-person, and it was a lovely experience. It felt like you were meeting someone for the first time and learning everything about them. I could not take my eyes off Anya. She was truly captivating! Every word and gesture was so purposeful and precise. 

At the end of the performance, Anya provided the audience with pen and paper to provide feedback for this show. I overheard a few conversations as people were writing their feedback (after Anya had left the room) and many people said they simply wanted more stories and anecdotes and honestly, I have to agree with them. 50 minutes felt like just an introduction to Anya’s life and I would love to know more!


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