Heathers The Musical

Does this even need a summary? It's Heathers, the iconic song and dance about a girl entering a new explosive chapter of life. Burning romance and a hunting popularity greet our main girl, Veronica Sawyer, trying to survive school. 


Welcome to Westerburg, where dreams and nightmares blend into one another, leaving a pile of ash behind!

Energetic and wild, this musical emits chaos and fun even through the movie screen! Joining Director Andy Fickman is Ailsa Davidson as Veronica Sawyer, Simon Gordon as J.D., Maddison Firth as Heather Chandler, Vivian Panka as Heather Duke, Teleri Hughes as Heather McNamara in this dazzling night. 

The 1988 cult hit has started many adaptions and this one, coming soon on Tuesday 28th March 2023, is just as mindblowing and exciting to watch. Its dark comedy hits the crowd at every turn, laughter, claps and standing ovation is a frequent occurrences from the live recording. Even though it’s just a recording, the editing of this film is an experience. In-person or not, Heathers is an experience. 

This musical is bubbly and beautiful. The colours pop from the lights to the clothes. It screamed colourfully! It was fun watching the colourful outfits when the actors danced and moved. It brought more personality and each colour had some sort of meaning. The obvious one in red is the leader! And at times had to stop thinking about traffic lights.

The actors were expressive, voices were loud and clear even through their dances. The songs are catchy and beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favourite among them. The dances are hypnotic to look at, fast and slow. Beautiful and expressive to watch. Each routine matching perfectly with the character's personality. The actors are amazing, their energy never leaving despite the length of the show. And the chemistry between Veronica and J.D. pops off. Veronica goofy and chaotic in her own right and J.D. the calamity waiting to blow. 

The technical team were on it with the lights and soundtracks. The precision gives a perfect performance, with nothing being awkward. Lights make it clear when Veronica breaks the fourth wall and gives enough context for the audience to understand everything without needing to waste any time at any stage of the performance. These breaks in the fourth will also give us some hilarious moments of watching the other actors onstage being frozen. We had one guy with his legs up in the air for his entire freeze frame. The stamina and leg burn though!

The colours stood out even more with J.D. dressed in black and the themes that underlay the play. How can so much colour hide so much sadness underneath? It’s almost disguising the truth which is what we see until disguising no longer works. From suicide to using it to gain popularity, to date rape and absent parents, the performance goes from fun to heartbreaking to emotional. The foreshadowing at the beginning hits off and slowly as the play progresses, the foreshadowing becomes a prophecy. 

This is not the move to miss. 

Header Image Credit: Kaleidoscope Entertainment


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