'Ageless Ancient & True' by Kwun

Following his debut single 'Supernatural,' Kwun returns with a universal love song 'Ageless Ancient & True.'

'Ageless Ancient & True' by Kwun

With the unveiling of 'Ageless Ancient & True,' a new single by UK's talented newcomer Kwun, the track carries the smooth, tender, mellow soundscapes eligible for your favorite playlists, for morning walks, for slow Sundays, and cozy rainy evenings, 

Even though this is Kwun's only second release, his debut 'Supernatural' earned admirable recognition with a staggering 13 nominations and wins. Listening to his unique and rich tapestry of styles that include Rock, Americana, and Funk, there is an underlying foundation of taking a personal theme and turning it into a universal one. 

On a quest for profound inspiration and deeper human connections, Kwun started dividing his time between the UK and Tulum, Mexico. To key to encapsulating Tulum's electrifying atmosphere, Kwun started recording 432Hz tuning, a frequency aligning with nature and the human body, as opposed to the commonly used 440Hz standard.

'Ageless Ancient & True' features lyrical simplicity that emerged as a natural flow of emotion during Kwun's session with a shaman. The core of this track lies within his experience of a heightened state of awareness. Kwun later produced and recorded 'Ageless Ancient & True' in his hometown Glastonbury. 

Listen to 'Ageless Ancient & True' out now. 

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