Kate Barron: Losing Myself

She’s outrageous and she’s hilarious.

Kate Barron: Losing Myself

Kate Barron, a comedian from Canada, speaks about her journey from childhood to now with a foul-mouthed and energetic style. To be honest, the Canadians making fun of Americans/the British thing is overdone in my opinion but Barron managed to keep it fresh with her inexplicable style, swagger and confidence. She’s loud and lovable, but what I enjoyed even more was her personal stories, about herself, her dating life and her family. The ‘letters of disappointment’ were hilarious and heartfelt all the same time. 

It was so powerful to hear her talk about herself, her journey with her weight and self love. The themes and narratives of the show were well constructed while still feeling spontaneous. Barron seemed confident and experienced, managing the crowd well, especially the drunk girls in the corner. 

There was almost the right amount of dirtiness in the show, although sometimes I think it could have been better placed to make the audience really go crazy. I also think that Barron would have soared with a slightly younger audience because her sense of humour is a great fit for the 18-25 crowd. 

There’s no cheap fat jokes or hatefulness: it’s all about an honest reflection of her own experience, choices and the thought process behind getting weight loss surgery in Turkey. It also discussed the difficulties in making this decision and how it wasn’t the ‘easy way out’ because of the strict diet she had to follow afterwards. 

Knowing where the story was heading did make it even more impactful when the end of the show came, and it was quite inspiring to see how vulnerable Barron was able to be. I really enjoyed the show: it made me think and laugh at the same time. 

Read our interview with Kate Barron here.

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