Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy'd!

Figurehead of the Greeter’s Guild is at the Edinburgh Fringe and ready to take on psychotherapy

Troy Hawke: Sigmund Troy'd!

Internet sensation and figurehead of the Greeter’s Guild Troy Hawke is back at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, following a Top 40 reviewed show in 2019. 

Hawke, the smoking jacket wearing, feather fancy floating mummy’s boy, who had previously cracked open a conspiracy that linked Kanye West and Ikea to Nazi ideology, was now back to try and make sense of psychotherapy. 

Incorporating great audience interaction, and some hilarious multimedia, Hawke spins the story of how he first sought to right the wrong of one takeaway deprived individual, and that somehow cascaded into a tete a tete with a psychotherapist who ‘diagnosed’ Hawke’s personality traits as defects and control mechanisms. Things further spiralled as he once more identified the nefarious hand of the illuminati puppeteering behind the scenes. 

The show suffered from a slightly lethargic and meandering middle, seemingly disconnected from both the theme and the vibe of the show. Perhaps unaided by the heat, I found myself wondering what these diasporic points were in service of, but Hawke managed to pull it all together for an ending which was much more in keeping with his conspiracy-busting roots.

Hawke is just as quick-witted in real life as he comes across in his videos, able to verbally parry and thrust with the audience (so be prepared) and willing to rib you if you catch his attention. But, given the line of people who were waiting to talk to and take selfies with Hawke at the end, I don’t think they minded in the slightest. 

I’d encourage you to get tickets while you can, as his initial run is completely sold out, and at time of writing even the extra shows are filling up fast!

Read our interview with Troy Hawke here

For (the few remaining) tickets and more information, visit

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