Ajeet "Blooming" track and music video review

A beautiful breath of stillness 

Ajeet "Blooming" track and music video review

The latest track from multi-instrumentalist singer-producer Ajeet feels like a dawn walk along a coast path. With roots in new-age and world music, Blooming shows a new dynamism to Ajeet’s music. There is a sense of completeness to this track that is utterly beautiful and hypnotic. Her ethereal vocals flow over soft new-age instrumentation, transporting the listener to spiritual wilds.

The music video has a muted colour palate and strong use of silhouettes. It focuses on long still shots of nature and Ajeet playing a drum, giving the video a spaciousness. It is simple, still and elemental, perfectly matching the ethereal naturalism of Ajeet’s voice.

Header Image Credit: Rich Gilligan


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