Go Your Own Way: The Fleetwood Mac Legacy

A phenomenal and amazing show! I loved every single moment. 

I saw this talented tribute band at Burnley Mechanics on Friday 27th May 2022. 

I am a fan of Fleetwood Mac so this was right up my street. I went to the show with my Auntie so it was also a brilliant way to bond with her over music we had in common. I loved that throughout the show the band would tell you facts and information about how the songs came about and how Fleetwood Mac became the band they are. This gave me a great insight to the band members who form the real Fleetwood Mac band and I found a bigger interest the more I learnt about Stevie Nicks and the rest of the members. 

Throughout, the band members made costume changes. I understood from this that they had put a lot of effort into creating a fun way of representing Fleetwood Mac. I saw that they must of changed outfits at least 6 times within the performance and this truly showed their dedication to making this an awesome night. They got all of the audience up and dancing by the end of the night and I even got up and did a bit of dancing myself, as well as singing all the way through the songs with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing this performance and I would love to see them again and again within the future as I know that this is something I would never get bored of seeing. The atmosphere was brilliant and everyone who attended had a great time and I could see that many people within the audience were very passionate about seeing this show. I heard a few women mentioning how well the lead singer matched Stevie Nicks' sense of style and how they could hear how talented her voice was. I agree with these comments a lot and believe that the group did a fantastic job throughout the whole performance! All the lighting effects were marvellous.

At the end of this astounding performance, I was able to meet the performers to get a picture with them. I have included this picture within the gallery up above. 

I had an amazing time at this show and would forever recommend this show to anyone who loves Fleetwood Mac as they really do have the ability to live up to them. All the performers I saw on stage did very well and were all very talented and skilled. The overall experience was phenomenal! 


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  • Judy McFall

    On 7 June 2022, 11:45 Judy McFall commented:

    Sounds like a great gig, music is so powerful in positively connecting us. There is often divided opinion about tribute bands but they sound like they hit the spot in reflecting Fleetwood Mac well!

  • Dayna Jeynes

    On 11 August 2022, 11:51 Dayna Jeynes commented:

    This sounds perfect for Fleetwood Mac fans!!

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