Performers needed at Hidden Track Theatre !

An amazing paid opportunity for performers

Performers needed at Hidden Track Theatre !

Award-winning interactive/gaming theatre company Hidden Track are looking for two experienced performers to collaborate on the creation of their brand new show ‘The Price of Everything’ over an R&D process between November 2021 and April 2022.

Hidden Track create original interactive and gaming theatre which puts the audience – and irreverent, political play – at the heart of everything they do. Their shows often have a lot of moving parts – branching storylines based on audience decisions, live gameplay with uncertain outcomes, and things going wrong because oh god making art is hard.

Hidden Track are looking for performers with experience and interest in interactive work, storytelling, and live game design – people who are used to thinking on their feet, playing with audiences, adapting to uncertain surroundings, and knowing when to just laugh through it because oh no someone just fell over and an important prop has now broken oh god. While the final piece will be scripted, there will be an element of devising during this phase of the project, so they are looking for people who are comfortable to not be working with a script right away. 

They do not have any specific casting mind for their performers, but they will be aiming for a range of backgrounds among their on-stage performers, and so Hidden Track are actively seeking applications from performers of colour, people who identify as LGBTQ+, those living with disability, and/or who identify as coming from poor/working class backgrounds.

Application deadline: 1st of November 2021, 12pm

Salary: £500 per week

And for further Information and to apply please visit:

Header Image Credit: The official Hidden Track website


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