Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus announces that he is cancer free

The influential pop-punk bassist and vocalist has said that he is now free of cancer, after being diagnosed with stage four lymphoma at the start of the year.

Blink 182 bassist Mark Hoppus announces that he is cancer free

Mark Hoppus, the bassist, vocalist and songwriter of pop punk titans Blink 182, has recently announced that he has been given the all-clear regarding his cancer treatment. This comes six months after he started his chemotherapy journey.

The musician posted a statement on his Instagram that he visited his oncologist who then gave him the good news. He mentioned in the message: “It’ll take me until the end of the year to get back to normal,” he wrote, “but today is an amazing day and I feel so blessed.” On his social media, Hoppus had been anticipating the news, noting that he was feeling more energetic and was in a better mood. He also explained his chemotherapy treatment earlier this summer on Twitter, saying: “Everything about chemo sucks except the part where it hopefully saves my life.” 

He would reach out to fellow cancer patients, asking questions such as whether they could “still smell the chemo” for weeks after the treatment, as well as explaining the treatment’s invasive and intrinsic essence. He wrote in August: “Sometimes when the effects of the chemo are strong and the steroids are overwhelming, and my heart races, I feel like I can HEAR the valves in my veins opening and slamming shut with each heartbeat.”

Hoppus spent his time collecting cacti during his treatment, noting on his social media that he preferred the “mutated varieties because I feel connected to them through my own cells’ mutation. I sit here in the morning with them, drinking my coffee, and we’re like ‘well this is weird.” He has also been documenting his hair growth for his followers.

The musician is incredibly influential within the punk scene and indeed popular culture as a whole, with his band Blink 182 releasing seven albums and becoming household names thanks to hit tracks like All The Small Things and What’s My Age Again? In 2019, Hoppus started a project with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low fame, named Simple Creatures. Long-time Blink 182 bandmate Travis Barker responded to Hoppus’ announcement by posting: “Best news brother!”

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