New show ‘That’s Not My Name’ opens this October

Sammy Trotman opens her new show, 'That's Not My Name', at the Bread and Roses Theatre in London this October.

New show ‘That’s Not My Name’ opens this October

That’s Not My Name opens at the Bread and Roses Theatre on October 20th, and Sammy is really struggling to find the words to explain exactly what she is asking you to watch. “A one-person ‘show’ doesn’t feel quite right. I don’t like the idea of it being a ‘show’ because it’s the most real I’ve ever been. You could call it an hour of comedic chaos. But also, this isn’t chaos to me – it’s logic.’ 

This hour of madness gives you a glimpse into what life looks like when you supposedly don’t have any empathy

“Empathy is defined by the ability to feel and relate to the emotional state of another. So, if you say you do have that capacity, congratulations, but by the very virtue of you having it – you can’t possibly relate to those that ‘professionals’ say don’t possess it – it’s paradoxical – and yet research and intervention into ‘personality disorders are founded on doctors and academics saying they understand us. Now that’s what I call disordered.”

Be prepared to cackle at trauma, question context and mull over morality in this hour of promised mayhem and mischief.

***** “ Sammy is both FUNNY and SEXY” – David, Ex Psychiatrist


Catch That’s Not My Name – written and performed by Sammy Trotman at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham from the 20th to the 22nd of October.

Tickets £7

Trigger warning: mental health, sexual trauma, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, personality disorders.

About Sammy 

After attending Guildford School of Acting, Sammy took a break from Acting to pursue a mental breakdown and a career in Psychology. Despite getting a 1st in the subject at King’s College London (whilst functionally drunk), she has spent the last seven months unlearning all she was taught (whilst sober). After trailblazing her way through the likes of Dawkins (atheism), Nietzsche (morality) and Jacobi (existentialism), she now strives to impart an informal commentary on the ethics of contemporary Psychology itself. 

She is a current improviser-in-training with the Free Association and character comedian (Covered in Jam). This is her first venture back onto a stage, and she is angry.

Header Image Credit: Sammy Trotman


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