Cassetteboy releases ‘Rage Against the Party Machine’, taking aim at Boris Johnson

Known for their parodies of figures like Donald Trump and David Cameron, Cassetteboy has called out Boris Johnson and his recent Downing Street party antics in a new video.

Cassetteboy releases ‘Rage Against the Party Machine’, taking aim at Boris Johnson

Cassetteboy has returned with a new parody track, this time making fun of Boris Johnson’s controversial statements regarding the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions. 

The YouTube creators use the instrumentation from Rage Against The Machine’s 1991 hit protest song ‘Killing In The Name’, whilst splicing in various quote clips of Johnson’s recent speeches and statements to create a video that highlights the ridiculousness of story and the gravity of the public disdain he now faces. 

The Prime Minister is ridiculed for his part in the Partygate debacle, and the quotes that Cassetteboy has picked out for the track are less than flattering – as expected. The video starts with Johnson’s first decision in 2020, where he introduced the first lockdown measures, telling the public to “limit contact with other people”. Then, the video quickly changes its tone, highlighting the many different claims presented to the public surrounding the multiple Downing Street parties that MPs were involved with whilst the country was stuck in isolation.

The lyrics read: “As you comply, I socialise/ With cheese and wine, and forty guys/ From ‘Next slide please’ to wine and cheese/ The rules you see, don’t apply to me/And if I get caught, I won’t repent/ I’ll lie and say it was a work event.” expertly edited to fit the style of the original track.

The song also highlights the Metropolitan Police Department’s questionable decision to not open a criminal investigation, despite Downing Street being guarded by police officers. Lyrics read: “Some of those on standby are the same as those who turn a blind eye,” adding “it’s one law for the bosses and another for the masses”, and then referencing Met Police commissioner Cressida Dick.

Writing on Twitter yesterday, Cassetteboy, said: “Our sweary new video has had half a million views in less than 24 hours (combined across Twitter and YouTube)! Looks like a lot of people aren’t in the mood to forgive or forget.” 

They tagged both Boris Johnson and the Conservatives’ official Twitter accounts in the post. Another tweet from Cassetteboy highlights a hope for Johnson’s resignation, stating: “Really hoping this is the last Boris Johnson video we ever have to make…”

The video goes to show the sheer dominance that the story has had over the public, and its quick ascension in viewership and comments section certainly highlight how the British public feel about these recent revelations. As it stands, the investigation into the numerous parties is being led by Sue Gray, whom the Cabinet Office has said will “establish swiftly a general understanding of the nature of the gatherings, including attendance, the setting and the purpose, with reference to adherence to the guidance in place at the time”.

The past few months have seen Cassetteboy release multiple tracks, In December, the duo released a version of the song ‘Boris Johnson is STILL a F*****g C***t’ from UK punks The Kuntz, a track that reached as high as number five in the UK’s Christmas 2021 music chart. Cassetteboy aired another Boris Johnson parody in October, with his quotes utilised against an instrumental of Jay-Z’s ‘99 Problems’. The song made fun of issues surrounding the government’s handling of the petrol and supply chain issues, as well as Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Past targets of Cassetteboy from recent years have been public figures such as ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and the last US President Donald Trump, as well as a less politically damning video regarding Die Hard’s Christmas film capability.

Many comedians, parody artists and campaign groups have recently used the news of the Downing Street parties to release viral videos poking at Boris Johnson and the Tories’ current shambolic state. Notably, comedian Rosie Holt made a video that has gained traction online, where she acts as a politician responding to the story on TV. The campaign group Led By Donkeys has also gone viral after editing a clip from the BBC drama Line of Duty, which sees The Prime Minister in the midst of interrogation from AC-12, a group of officers who investigate corrupt police.

You can watch the Cassetteboy video here: 

Header Image Credit: "Boris Johnson Digital Covid-19 Presser 30/04" by UK Prime Minister is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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