Get to know the Girl behind ‘Girl Power?’

Voice spoke to Ellie Bickerton-Jones, Achievement Award winner for her short film Girl Power? at this year's Nottingham Young Filmmakers Festival. Find out her thoughts on the NYFF experience and how she has welcomed her film festival success.

Get to know the Girl behind ‘Girl Power?’

Girl Power?  This isn’t a reference to the  Spice Girls song, but Ellie Bickerton-Jones’s award winning documentary. Ellie, a 21 year old student and filmmaker, sought to highlight gender inequality within the music industry, especially for women. 

Her pursuit in understanding this narrative led to her creating a documentary that spoke to various female artists, bands and industry activists about their experiences. The documentary also addresses what needs to change for women to feel empowered, accepted and valued in a male dominated space. 

The Nottingham Young Filmmakers Festival was a great platform to see short films from a variety of creatives and Girl Power? amongst others, can be seen on their YouTube page.

For more information check out the NYFF interview where Voice spoke to the team.

For more information follow Ellie on Instagram

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  • Claire Jenns

    On 9 April 2021, 12:38 Claire Jenns Kickstart Team commented:

    Lovely interview and so inspiring to see young women following their passions!

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