Digital Creatives: Benjamin Simon

Benjamin Simon is a music producer and dancer who is looking to the past to creates the grooves and moves of the future. 

Digital Creatives: Benjamin Simon

Voice speaks to dancer and music producer Benjamin ‘Lotus’ Simon. Benjamin’s creative path started back in 2010 when he and his friends watched StreetDance 3D. Since then he has gone into producing his own music, and participating in dance competitions in the UK and abroad. During this interview, Benjamin also talks about how he blends different genres and eras of dance and music together when creating new work. 

Benjamin Young can be found on Instagram at

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This production was supported using public funding from Arts Council England, and was produced in 2020 during Covid-19 restrictions. Thanks to Space Face Films for their work on this series. Find out more about them over at

Header Image Credit: Luke Galloway / Space Face Films


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