Where are they now? with Emily Pieters

After her Bronze and Silver Arts Awards, Emily decided to pursue a career in costume design.

Where are they now? with Emily Pieters

What are you doing in your creative work at the moment? 

At the moment, I am studying a two year, pre-university course in Art and Design at Cambridge Regional College. I've really enjoyed exploring different articstic mediums like graphics and fine art. It has really pushed me to explore arts options and career possibilities. Personally, I am very much enjoying pursuing design both in the form of fashion and textiles and in artistic activism. 

What are the highlights of your arts career to date? 

I still feel like I'm just getting started in my arts career so every step is less of a highlight in itself and more of a new learning opportunity. However, one thing which really does stand out is my college end of year show this year. I presented a reversible tunic inspired by the theme of transformation in fairy tales. It was incredibly hard work to complete my project on time, but I think this definitely taught me new skills at the same time! The satisfaction of seeing it up in the show, looking just how I'd imagined it would, made it all worth it. 

What do you hope to be doing in five years’ time?

I'm planning to study costume design in Edinburgh starting in 2020 which is very exciting!  Scottish degrees last for four years so in five years time I should have just graduated.  I'm not sure exactly where I'll land after university but hopefully I'll be heading into an awesome costume department somewhere! 


Which levels of Arts Award did you do, and how did it help to develop your creativity or skills? 

I did Bronze and Silver Arts Awards and they taught me skills I still use constantly.  Arts Awards require independent learning, sketchbook skills, project management and research. Alll of these skills are necessary for any university or pre-university arts course, or even just when I'm doing art and sketching in my own time. Going into the Level 3 course I'm doing now, I felt prepared for the work and style of work because of my Arts Awards. 

What advice would you give to young people who want to pursue a similar career?

I think a key thing in my experience is to have a broad range of interests. Be willing to try out different art forms and hobbies you'll be amazed how they translate back into and enrich your arts practice!

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