Being part of a youth panel

Being part of a youth panel doesn’t have to feel anxiety-inducing. This article will tell you how to enjoy your experience on a youth panel as a young adult. 

Being part of a youth panel

Being asked to be a part of a big work opportunity such as a youth panel can be exciting but it can also create feelings of anxiety and nervousness for young people/young adults, these emotion could be triggered due to some young people could feel like their youth and lack of experience weighs them down, maybe it could be down to just general lack of confidence, or maybe there are other reasons why young people/young adults feel apprehensive and shy away from taking on those bigger opportunities within their work. 

My experience of being a part of a panel

Despite how nervous I felt I really enjoyed the experience of being on a panel and I learned a lot from the opportunity. It was fun to see what being a part of a panel intel’s and to get the chance to be part of the discussion making process. At the start of the panel I was quite anxious and nervous, worrying if what I was imputing was okay and if I was doing a good job but as time went on I started to relax and stopped overthink as much, which made the overall experience more enjoyable to know what I was there for a reason and that my opinions were useful to the project.

Tips to enjoy being a part of a youth panel

  • Prepare as much as you can before hand, such as reading the material needed the day before or checking the schedule for the day so you know what to expect from the day.
  • Be ready to take notes throughout the day, it's highly likely that at the end of the day you'll do a quick recap of the session so having as much information as possible at your disposal is always great. 
  • Don't be afraid to input any ideas/ opinions that you have and don't be afraid to ask questions even if you think it's a stupid question (And, there are no stupid)
  • Remembering if those feelings of doubt and worry creep up that you are there for a reason and that you have been asked to take part in the panel for a reason.

 Advice I'd give to a young adult/young person participating in a panel

The main advice I would say is no matter how you feel during that moment or throughout the panel or experience, your views and opinions are valued and useful and that you shouldn't be worried that what you have to say isn’t as important as anyone else just because you are younger and have less experience. 

Having experience is one thing, but having a new and fresh perspective is always important, especially when starting new projects as you will be able to think of things that others might not have even considered. 

Also just be confident and enjoy it, enjoy the journey and enjoy the experience that you’ll gain from doing things and taking part in activities that you wouldn’t normally do or sign yourself up for.

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