Voice’s Top 10's of 2018

A rundown of the best film, music, theatre, literature, visual arts and news of 2018

Voice’s Top 10's of 2018

It’s coming up to that time again when people start the countdown to a new year and a new start. 

2018 was most certainly a difficult year at times, and it will certainly be a year of note in the history books. But, we shouldn’t dwell on politics and policies, not when there was such a fantastic array of artwork created! 

We will be ending 2018 by reliving the best visual art, film, literature, theatre and music that it had to offer, and we invite you to join us for that trip down memory lane. We could have created lists that were 30 entries long, but we decided to keep them to 10, both because it keeps them manageable but also because we like to make things difficult for our writers! Already there has been some extensive debate over some inclusions (and omissions) from our roundups, and I cannot wait to publish them to get your verdicts! 

Every day from Boxing Day until New Year we will publish a new category list, and will be available via the images below. 

These lists are not definitive however, and we almost certainly will have missed off something you loved. If that’s the case, please do let us know! We are always on the lookout for new things to enjoy, and as one of the best communities of culture lovers we know, it would be remiss not to take your advice! 

So if you have strong opinions about Avengers: Infinity War, or think Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury is comparable to any of the literary greats, let us know in the comments or on social media! We can be found @voicemaguk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Best visual art of 2018 (published 26/12)


Best films of 2018 (published 27/12)


Best books of 2018 (published 28/12)


Best theatre of 2018 (published 29/12)ea7fdceb67ada5fdd69fc986df24c389c3a9b212.jpg

Best music of 2018 (published 30/12)


Biggest news stories of 2018 (published 31/12)


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