Charlote Fortune, Bronze and Silver Arts Award achiever

Charlotte has completed her Bronze and Silver awards, and is now starting her Gold. Catch up on her Arts Award story so far...

Charlote Fortune, Bronze and Silver Arts Award achiever

Hi Charlotte! What levels of Arts Award have you completed? 

I have completed my Bronze and my Silver. I am currently working towards my Gold.

What art forms did you take part in? 

I drew and painted mostly. I also created sculptures in metal and other materials. More recently, I have been learning about photography.

What events did you go to? 

Most recently, I visited the Van Gogh exhibition at Tate Britain. In July, I visited a gallery in Corfu where I saw works by Kyriakos Rokas. Also this year, on two different occasions, I saw exhibitions by Huguette Caland and Anna Boghiguian at Tate St Ives.

My pictures were selected twice for the Young Art Oxford competition at the Ashmolean Museum. Last year, I was awarded second place in the Young Art Cornwall competition at Tate St Ives. I also received the prize for best in show at the Porthmeor Young Artist Competition at the Penwith Gallery in St Ives earlier this year. In the recent Young Art Cornwall competition at Falmouth University, my entry was highly commended.  

The links to my reviews and blogs, which I posted on Voice, are below.

Who were your arts inspirations, and did you interview any arts professionals? 

My inspirations are many and varied. I prefer fine art to abstract art. I like the Impressionists quite a lot and hope to advance my skills in an impressionistic style.

For my Silver Arts Award, I interviewed Greg Humpfries, a professional artist who was giving us lessons at the St Ives School of Painting. You can read more about his influence on my Silver award below.

How did you share skills or lead projects? 

For my Silver award, I led a team of my classmates to produce a number of works to be used in the Art Block at a school I attended. 

I’m an Art Scholar at my current school and I’m required to help the younger pupils with art projects, such as the construction of lanterns for the City of Lights and create hangings for the Cathedral. I also volunteered at the Truro Art Centre helping with Children’s Art parties.

What kind of portfolio did you create? 

My Bronze Award was recorded on ArtsBox and in Powerpoint. My Silver Award was presented on a website.

What was most valuable to you personally?

Arts Award provides a focused way to follow a preferred art form and develop your creativity in the process. It also gives you a sense of achievement when you have completed it. I would recommend the Arts Award to anyone who is very interested in making art.

What did you find inspiring? 

After I’ve had a particularly enjoyable art session, class, or workshop, I often want to go away and do more of the same artwork. Visiting exhibitions also has a similar effect. Arts Award provides a useful outlet for this creativity, whilst working towards a goal. There are also other skills that you learn along the way too. 

What was challenging? 

As much as I love art and creating works, finding the time to stay on track with an Arts Award can be a challenge with schoolwork and other activities. It can be expensive too, to visit galleries and buy art materials.

What are you going to do next – and has Arts Award helped you? 

I have started my Gold Award and as I am in the first year of my GCSEs, it will probably take a fair bit longer than my Silver to complete. The whole experience and the additional UCAS points will, I hope, eventually be useful when choosing my University path. 

I still have a few years of school to go, so I have not decided yet exactly what career I want to follow, but it will almost certainly be a creative one. 

How did you get involved with Arts Award? 

I attended art classes with Artspiration in Reading and Maidenhead and I learnt so much in the time I spent with them. When I was still with Artspiration (I have since moved away), we were finalists in the David Shepherd Wildlife Competition at the Natural History Museum in London. 

Who gave you the most help and inspiration? 

That is a tough question. All of the teachers I had at Artspiration taught me something new and interesting. If I was to pick two, then Shalini at Artspiration was a fantastic teacher and helped with submitting my Bronze and Silver Arts Awards. Russell Bignold, another of the artists working for Artspiration was an excellent art teacher and really helped me to push my art forward. My currents school also has a very good art department and they have been very supportive.


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