Cameron Withers, Rock & Pop

We catch up with Cameron Withers, who achieved his Grade 8 in Trinity’s Rock & Pop Drums at Planet Drum.

Cameron Withers, Rock & Pop

Hi Cameron! What was your experience of taking exams? 

Practising for the exams introduced me to genres and techniques I wouldn’t ordinarily have
tried. Even though the exams took a lot of preparation, they were rewarding because they
enabled me to demonstrate the work I put in.

In what ways do you feel like your creative talent has progressed?

I feel more confident to try out new things and go out of my comfort zone when I’m playing.

What was most valuable to you personally?

The feedback on the examiner’s report. The constructive criticism was really beneficial and
the positive comments were a huge encouragement to drive me on to the next exam level. It
made all the practice worth while.

What did you find inspiring?

Getting my certificate in the post as it motivated me to go on to do the next grade.

What was challenging?

I found the two compulsory tests within the exams the most difficult (such as
improvisation and sight reading), but I managed to get better at them as I progressed
through the grades.

What are you going to do next – and has your qualification helped you?

Having just started studying for a biochemistry degree, I have formed a band at
university and we are hoping to start gigging in 2019. My qualifications have helped
me by giving me ideas that I will try out when I’m playing with my band mates.

Who gave you the most help and inspiration?

My drum teacher, Alain Maurel (Planet Drum), and my parents for putting up with the

What do you hope to be doing in five years time?

I hope to be in a band playing both covers and original music.


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