Katie Kitchen, Rock & Pop

We catch up with Katie Kitchen, currently working towards for her Grade 8 in Trinity’s Rock & Pop Drums at MusicStation. 

Katie Kitchen, Rock & Pop

Hi Katie! What was your experience of taking exams with Trinity College? 

I enjoyed working on popular music from iconic rock and pop moments in history. This is because I am now aware of the transition that music has made to the current day. I found the actual exam part of the grade very nerve-wracking as it was something I have never experienced. The idea of performing to a stranger which determined my result terrified me. However, this also helped me massively by increasing my confidence when I succeeded in my grade exams. 

In what ways do you feel like your creative talent has progressed? 

My creativity improved by learning about different genres of music, with the improvised section and the range of music, allowed me to explore different rhythms and techniques I would not be aware of or able to achieve if I hadn’t taken these exams.

What did you find most valuable to you personally about taking your Trinity College qualification?

The sense of achievement and success in something I love doing is one of the most valuable parts to these qualifications to me. It also allows me to add another qualification to my university application and CV.

What did you find inspiring?

I found the drummers who were originally on the track the most inspiring aspect of the qualification. The drummers on the original tracks were constantly inverting new rhythms to fit different types of music. This inspires me to learn new groves I would never play without researching these drummers.

What did you find most challenging?

The challenge for me was and still is having creative ideas to make my playing more interesting and unique.

What are you going to do next, and how has your qualification helped you?

I am currently looking at going to university. On my UCAS application, I can add my Trinity qualifications for UCAS points. I can additionally write about these qualifications in my personal statement to show my drive for pursuing a challenge that I set myself to achieve. 

How you got involved with music or drama in the first place?

I have always wanted to play the drums for as long as I can remember. My parents were both part of the 17th Tonbridge Scout and Guide Band when they were younger so naturally, I wanted to join. I begged my parents to allow me to play drums and when the band finally put me on the drums my parents realised this was an actual passion of mine.

Who gave you the most help and inspiration?

My drum teacher James Sedge is my biggest help and inspiration for drumming. He encourages me to push my technical and creative ability to the limit. He would always show me new styles and new techniques to improve my drumming. He would also show me legendary professional drummers to give me a target to aim for. Additionally, James has always pushed me out of my comfort zone to make me express myself more creatively through music. James has taught me almost everything I know about music and drumming which has allowed me to succeed as a musician and in these exams.

What do you hope to be doing in five years time?

In five years I hope to be in university working towards a degree in architecture. I also hope to have found a band to perform with to continue my love for music and drumming.

What advice would you give others looking to take the same qualification as you?

Start as soon as you can. Not only will you gain a qualification you will also become a much better player and perform as well as giving yourself a distraction for school or work life. 

Doing a Trinity music qualification?

From interviews with professionals or guides on alternative careers to advice to help you develop your skills, we’ve got something to inspire you and get you through your Trinity music qualification. Check out our music Voicebox. 

Header Image Credit: Katie Kitchen, drum student with Music Station


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