Lily Doolin, Silver Arts Award

We catch up with Lily Doolin who's participating in her Silver Arts Award, making and decorating unicorns out of cake, clay and mosaic! 

Lily Doolin, Silver Arts Award

Hi Lily! Tell us a bit about how you're getting on with your Arts Award. 

I'm aiming to get my Silver Arts Award, it's being moderated at the end of next month. For my challenge, I made a ladybird which was inspiration from the bee Caroline King sculpted (as pictured). My art form was pottery and mosaic.

What events did you go to?

821234946e56842a03fbbe5f97b80b9d707b59fb.PNGI went to the V&A museum in December to look at all the mosaics. You can read my review of it here

Tell us about any artists you worked with

For part D, I went to see a cake maker and decorator, as sculpting clay is similar to sculpting icing. Her name was Susie. I did a workshop with her learning how to make a unicorn! I then went home and made one out of clay and decorated it with mosaic tiles.

What did you do for the skills share section?

For the leadership section, I invited some of my younger brother's friends to learn how to paint clay and I ran over five sessions. 

How did you create your Arts Award portfolio?

I recorded everything in a sketch/art book and filled two books.

In what ways to do you feel like you've benefitted from doing an Arts Award?

I think I've gained confidence, not just in my self but talking to other people. I found that the most inspirational thing was that people devote their lives to their chosen art form. They have built it from scratch, are still working normal jobs and pursuing their art forms as a side line. 

What did you find most challenging?

The most challenging thing was making contact with an artist as I wasn't sure she would reply. Then it was hard arranging a date as we are both busy people.

How did you get involved in Arts Award? 

16d900bcc02b791bdb11e8e43c67caecba200e0a.pngI got involved through my school as it was an after school club. I wasn't sure, but it was my Head of Year that told us all how her daughters did it and how much they enjoyed it. So my friends and I went to the first information meeting.

Our adviser, Mrs Bowskill, is also an art teacher at school. She has supported all of us faithfully throughout the year, giving her support every Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes and at after schools clubs. 

What are the next steps for you as an artist? 

My next steps to being an artist, specialising in sculpting, is to take Art for GCSE and A-level so I can learn more about the art.

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