The talk of Karate with a special Guest speaker

This blog introduces you to what Karate is as a way of life and a special guest speaker James Hulley, who is a very committed instructor at GKR Karate Region 30 Nottingham. Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing journey with us.

Karate As A Way of Life

Karate promotes a number of values to live by, including integrity, respect, courtesy, humility, loyalty and compassion.

Karate is an individual sport. Therefore the focus is not to compete against another person or team, but rather to compete against one's self. This 'self focus' accompained with continual improvement develops self-esteem and self-confidence amongst those who practise it.

Karate also promotes self-discipline, goal setting and leadership. People who study karate can attain a high level of committment and dedication to any chosen endeavor simply because of the skills and habits they develop.

Health Benefits Of Karate

As a health and fitness activity, karate tones and shapes the body, increases aerobic stamina, improves muscular strength and flexibility, enhances balance, agility and co-ordination and quickens the reflexes.

Karate also improves our mental health. As it challenges the brain, it improves focus and concentration. It also develops a person's composure and provides a deeper insight into one's mental capabilities. 

One of the advantages of karate is that students may train at their own pace so even those who have not excercised in some time can start learning and gaining from the benefits of karate.

"I began my training 16 years ago when a gentleman knocked on the door, at the time I was being bullied very badly at school and felt really down about myself. My dad joined me and my two brothers straight up away no questions asked. After a few lessons my sister and mother join suit as well and it wasn't long till they were the hot on my heels with belt grades. Soon after I recieved my green belt I was asked to become a fellow instructor of the club by my regional manager Sensei Karl Hughes. The reason I'm still going strong in the club is I adore the atmosphere and friendliness of the club everyone is always there to help others. I have made many friends from the club, not just friends as I count them as my family. This is more than just a karate club. It's one big family."


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