Cultural Comforts: June 2021

Half-way through the year already – here’s another set of recommendations to take a break from heavy/serious culture. This month, all the culture features artists or protagonists that are queer!

Cultural Comforts: June 2021

You can find last month's recommendations here.


This web-comic tells the story of Charlie and Nick, British school boys who develop a relationship and deal with the ups and downs of growing up. Creator Alice Oseman is the acclaimed writer of the novels Radio Silence and Loveless, both of which explore the story of LGBTQ+ young people growing up. The comic does not contain any graphic, violent or disturbing imagery, and has clear trigger warning when discussing eating disorders. For me, following Heartstopper has been a comfort and a joy, especially after it was announced that the comic is being adapted for TV by Netflix. You can catch up on the comic online here!

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

Everyone looking for a colourful and different rom-com recommendation has come to the right place – this is the movie for you. This Hindi-language movie has something for everyone; music, costumes and a very heart-warming story to tell. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry but I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say too much more. The movie can be found on Netflix in the UK. 

Career Boy

From queer and genderfluid artist Dorian Electra comes the electro-pop song Career Boy. This American singer, songwriter, and performance artist makes incredible high-concept singles that are ‘unbound by genre’. When they’re not making music or directing music videos, Electra also makes educational videos on Refinery29 about the history of drag and high heels


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