Call me a business woman, because I love my own company

Jasmine Rowland discusses the importance of making time and unwinding for yourself. She looks back at the moment the world stopped, Lockdown "season one" as the point where she embarked on a journey of discovery self love, self worth and self care.

Call me a business woman, because I love my own company

Although the pandemic has brought cancelled plans, disappointment and uncertainty, it has also showcased to me the importance of making time for myself and thriving in my own company.

Thinking back to the first lockdown in March 2020 – or Lockdown “Season One” as I like to refer to it as – I remember feeling lost at the thought of having no sense of a ‘normal routine’. What I didn’t realise however was just how easy it was to implement a new alternative routine, which actually proved a very healthy lifestyle swap for me. Before the lockdown, I lived an extremely hectic schedule day in and day out. In all honesty, I glamorised constantly being busy and left barely any time for myself. Despite the fact that I love what I did, the result of my lifestyle was feeling drained and tired all the time.

To stay mentally active during the period, I decided to try some daily activities which previously I’d either not had the time for or simply deemed “not a bit of me”. With the absence of social life, I had initially felt that the months ahead would be a struggle due to being alone, however I later came to the realisation that all I needed to do was learn to enjoy my own company – something that I had never had the chance to do due to my busy work, university and social life.

I started channeling my thoughts in walks, looking after my mental health with daily morning exercises, and sparking my creativity in mood boards. There is nobody that can understand you better than you can learn to understand yourself. Like a business woman, I loved my own company. Learning to understand myself led to learning to love myself and unveiled the importance of self-worth. Time I would usually spend working or socialising was transformed into special moments I could use to reflect on myself, my dreams and what I valued about my life.

Even though now the world has slowly but surely opened its doors, I have really treasured what I have learnt about myself in the lockdowns. Despite everything being open and my work schedule returning to its pre-pandemic busy status, I still ensure there is “me time” on my schedule. I love taking myself on solo trips to the countryside, I enjoy spending afternoons cooking a new recipe on my own and I thrive on mornings in the gym where it’s just me, my playlist and my phone in airplane mode. A little secret of mine is I always prefer to pre-drink and get ready for a night out alone in my room dancing in the mirror to my favourite Soundcloud mix.

Although the months ahead still prove uncertain due to the drama we find ourselves in, I know that one thing is for sure – I am looking forward to working on and getting to know more about myself. So, if you catch me in the cinema or theatre on my jack jones, just know that I am living my best life and thriving in my own company!

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Jasmine Rowland

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Jasmine Rowland is a presenter/ journalist based in both London and Manchester. She enjoys spreading positivity through her writing which seeks to connect with those who may resonate. You can find her on Instagram: @jasminerowland_

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