My new book!The 5 Friends

Im writing a new book its not done but i will put evry chapter on here hope you like it :)

My new book!The 5 Friends

Here it is!



                                                                                    Meet The Gang!   

One day a normal 14 year old girl was trying to get out of going to  her first day of high school. "Do i have to go mom!" Nora said "Yes, yes you do come on dont be like this it will be fine.Remember dont forget your lunch money!" Her mom said as Nora snatched the money of the side and slammed the door. "Well at least I will be inbarist with my best friends." She murmured. As soon as she finished saying that she spotted her friend Emma running up the street. "Oi!Why you running!" Nora shouted as she cached up with her. "Oh...Hi....Nora....One sec out of breath." Emma caught her breath and said "Dont want to be late...Got your lunch money?" 

Emma was the goodie toshoes and never wanted to get in trouble, she was a straight A student and was very shy and calm apart from when Nora got her in trouble.And she is 15.

"Yes Emma, but don't forget we have to meet up with the others!" Nora exclaimed "But the time is-" Emma protested but Nora grabbed her arm and pulled her to Tessa's house.

Tessa is a sweet but excitable girl she loves to dance an sing but mostly copy's people especially Nora.Oh and she has a huge cursh on Luke who i will tell you about later. She is 13.

They knocked on the door of Tessa's house, but as usual her mom answered the door. "Ah! Emma and Nora! Tessa is-"

"Let me guess doing makeup?" Nora said

"Oh um...Yes, would you like chocolate chip cookies?" Tessa's mum said 

"Well miss Gellyen we need to get going so-" Emma began but Nora nudged her and said "Yes please, i love them."

"However, we will have them to go." Emma said. Then Tessa came down 

"Right then are we leaving or what?" Tessa said swiping the bag of cookies of her mom "Bye mom love you!"

They made there way down the hill just in time to meet Jay. "Hey!" Nora shouted "Jay!" 

Jay is like Nora and is very cool but does not show off. He likes to skateboard and is very funny. He is smart and quite curious a lot of the time. He is the same age as Nora 14.

"Hey Nora, Tessa and Emma. Luke late again?" Jay respond rolling over on his skateboard

"Yeah as always." said Emma tutting

"He is such a bad boy." Said Tessa smiling

"Yeah, anyway you got it Jay?" Nora said

"You know i do!" He said and pulled a skateboard from under his arm

"Yes! Thanks for sanding it an stuff for me." Nora responded rolling down the hill.

'Russle Russle' "W-what was that?" Emma whispered

"Sup guys?" Luke said as he shook a branch from his leg

Luke is the silly one, always trying to impress girls but never works, he is oblivious to most things and he is always trying to be cool. He is Jay's best friend and over all not much to talk about really.He is 13.

"OMG Luke why were you in a bush!" Tessa said 

"I was tying to get out of going to school by hiding in the bushes" Luke said (Like it was normal, its not,)

"Wow" said Tessa

"Um ok then, but you still have to go i cant be friends with 'the boy that got 5 late marks, in a row!" Emma said 

"Oh shut up you lot we going to have to go to school its not like we can skip, right?" Nora said "Right?"

They all looked at Emma.

Thats the end be back next week for more!


Nessa Fanning

Nessa Fanning

Im Nessa and I love doing art, ever since I was young I tried to copy alot of things I see around me into my art. I also like animals and drawing diffrent creature's and beast's. My favorite colour's are black, blue and I recently started to draw with my computer which has really leveled art up for me. Also I have been doing alot of watercolours too and have done alot of pictures of kittens,lions since I have a cat.

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