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A run down of all the latest global music happenings and up and coming foreign artists I met at this years MIDEM!

So if any of you were wondering where my monthly music news piece in for May was, it disappeared because I disappeared to Cannes for a week at the start of June. Every year the global music industry all join together at an infamous music industry convention called MIDEM and I was lucky enough to be there too. 

After taking a short few days to myself before the madness began on Tuesday 4 June, I strolled through the side streets munching on a freshly baked croissants with my camera strapped round my neck. The photos above were all taken amongst the glitz and glam and (I feel anyway) that they really capture the good times I had there with so many of my closest industry friends. 

My particular highlight of the whole affair by far, however, were the beach showcases every night. They kicked off on Tuesday with a highly anticipated Chinese showcase that was absolutely packed with talent! 

First up were punk band ‘Neon Gardens’ that I was blown away by. If you could smush together ‘One Ok Rock’ and ‘Waterparks’ together you would end up with this group of young musicians who caused a riot onstage. The lead singer’s energy was well and truly something I’d not seen in a long long while, strutting across the huge row of speakers in front of the stage. If that doesn’t spell ‘I’m a rockstar’ then I don’t know what does? 

Even better, the whole band played to my camera so nicely, even going as far as head banging right in front of it… this is a photographer’s dream so ya know, a massive shoutout goes to them! 

Following that, pop-jazz fusion band ‘Panda Glasses’ made me smile more than I had in months, simply because they looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage – in addition to having some of the boppiest tunes going! 

Throughout the rest of the week there were numerous other showcases, and if you’re looking for a new artist to get into that’s a little closer to home then go and check out ‘Alexander Oscar’ right now. Just like ‘Neon Gardens’ he had impeccable stage presence and reminded me of a male ‘Sigrid’, which is absolutely a concept that I could easily get on board with. 

As well as some fantastic DJ’s, the live music side of the conference was utterly top notch and I can’t wait to go back next year already. But in the meantime I better get back to writing June’s monthly music news for all of you…

Header Image Credit: Sophie McCarthy


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