Pop Sensation SHAB devotes upcoming album 'One Suitcase' to World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day, celebrated on June 20th, highlights support and solidarity for those fleeing conflict. 

Pop Sensation SHAB devotes upcoming album 'One Suitcase' to World Refugee Day

For pop sensation SHAB, with 13 million global streams and 25 million YouTube views, this day represents her story as a refugee and the struggles her family faced. 

 'One Suitcase', the upcoming album, represents the extent of her belongings as she travelled to the US at the age of 14, in search of a new life. It is a title that can resonate with many, symbolising the nature of those who escape conflict and leave everything behind. 

For SHAB, a wave of tragedy hit when her family faced persecution in Iran, leading to her father’s workplace being burned down. Her father, a petroleum executive, died of a heart attack, attributed to the stress of the persecution. After his death, SHAB's mother raised 13 children alone. In the 1980s, their Tehran home became a refuge for banned activities like music and dance, igniting SHAB's passion for music.

However, due to the lack of safety, SHAB's mother sent her to Germany alone, where she carved her own path, leading her to learn English, study law and juggle three jobs - all before pursing her main passion, music. 

In 2020, SHAB finally turned her experiences into songs, healing during the process. As a result, SHAB has gained global acclaim, and toured alongside the likes of JLS. 

As the dust settles from stardom, SHAB owes her success to her journey, and is committed to championing Iranian women's empowerment and freedom. With an upcoming album that evokes the same passion for music she discovered all those years ago, World Refugee Day can only unearth this inspiring story. 

Pre-Save Afterglow, and prepare to be uplifted by the upcoming 'One Suitcase' out this August. 

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