Kelsey Hart's 'Life With You': Your New Favourite Country Album

Hop in, country-lovers! Kelsey Hart has returned with the unveiling of his debut album, ‘Life With You’.

Kelsey Hart's 'Life With You': Your New Favourite Country Album

With years of writing experience alongside some of the genre’s finest artists, chart-topping singles and a towering social media presence, this artist is your new favourite country-rock star. 

‘Life With You’ is an illusive collective of instant country hits, ranging from the nostalgic charm of heart-tugging ballads to the untamed excitement of guitar-led anthems. This was introduced through the magical title track, which escalated to viral fame online - amassing to 240m TikTok views and over 40m streams. 

Crafted as an ode to his wife, this instant classic will tug the heart strings and more. Following the story of the long, winding roads that led to the beginning of a new chapter, it is a subtle celebration of finding true love - and encourages listeners to do the same. 

On the flipside, Hart displays authentic edge and rock’n’roll sensibilities with ‘Burn My Summer’, which is a red-hot depiction of a whirlwind summer romance. Relatable to many who have experienced its tribulus ups and downs, this rugged hit is embedded with his sincere emotion and signature vocal delivery. 

Let Kelsey Hart take you down the backroads of Nashville now with the enigmatic debut ‘Life With You’ - for the rising star, it’s simply the beginning

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