Unique dance, movement, and circus shows coming to the EdFringe this August

From shows about ancestry to surrealism, reclaiming your voice, and pricing the body, here's some unique dance, movement, and circus shows coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - including Luca Rutherford, Giovanni Zazzera, and Na Djinang Circus

Unique dance, movement, and circus shows coming to the EdFringe this August

Luca Rutherford, Giovanni Zazzera, Na Djinang Circus, and others head to Edinburgh's international Festival Fringe this August 

You Heard MeLuca Rutherford, Here & Now Showcase (20 - 25 August)


A loud show about quiet power, Newcastle-based theatre maker, performer, and writer Luca Rutherford brings You Heard Me to the EdFringe this year (20 - 25 August @ Zoo Southside). Luca creates work that is 'softly fierce and fiercely soft'; their creative processes are rooted in spaces of listening where collaborators, participants, and audiences are willing to be changed by what they hear.

Focused on the single moment of noise that enabled them to escape a sexually violent attack whilst out on a run, You Heard Me is a poignant and necessary meditation on how trauma, community and resilience, communicated through a beautiful blend of playful dancing, recorded narrative, movement, and direct address. 

Outside of theatre and performance, Luca also makes work across public art, film, and audio. For more information about You Heard Me, please visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/you-heard-me-here-now-showcase 

Image credit: Camilla Greenwell 

Show Pony Chamäleon Berlin, still hungry collective and Bryony Kimmings (August 13 - 26)

What happens when you still want the stage, but it no longer wants you? Part circus show, part tra52a166c18358153b014cde8b8848c50427ddf056.pngining session, and part open-heart surgery, Berlin-based still hungry’s brand new work Show Pony examines the dualities and challenges of life on stage for three female acrobats (August 13 - 26 @ Summerhall)

Co-created with groundbreaking performance artist Bryony Kimmings, Show Pony pulls apart the lessons and meanings hidden in each woman’s personal stories about childhood, career choices, motherhood, health, and friendship - our performers are getting older and asking, WHY DID I BECOME WHAT I AM? 

still hungry brought their first show, RAVEN to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019 to high acclaim. Show Pony is the collective’s second performance.

For more information about Show Pony, please visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/show-pony 

Image credit: Matteo Blau

Anatomy for Accountants - Sacha Copland of Java Dance Theatre
(August 1-11, 13-18, 20-26)

Natural growth doesn’t make sense in a world tightly commanded by economics - and prolific choreographer Sacha Copland of Java Dance Theatre (Back of the Bus, 2014) has something to say about it.

A show for lovers of the body (and accountants), Anatomy for Accountants is a passionate new dance-theatre show about giving bodies back their full range. Copland prices every aspect of her own life to deconstruct how we define and understand our own worth whilst celebrating the body - joined by live musbbc546a4bc13906d2f7ac47d39e16e2e171bcad7.pngician and performer Tristan Carter in the role of number-crunching Chief Financial Officer.

Lilting between gentle and brutal, soft and dark, universal and personal, Anatomy for Accountants examines how our value changes and shifts across our lived experiences; how every forced or pressured YES or each resolute or exhausted NO impacts how we are received by others, and if we depreciate or increase in value in their eyes.

For more information about Anatomy for Accountants, please visit: Anatomy for Accountants | Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus | Edinburgh Festival Fringe (edfringe.com) 

Image credit: Caio Bruno


NEGARE - presented by Z Art Dance Company, part of the of the Luxembourg selection supported by KulturLX (12 - 25 August) 

Part of acclaimed three-part series LE TRIPTYQUE, country Luxembourg-based Z Art Dance Company will bring their bold and absurdist solo dance theatre show NEGARE, by acclaimed multidisciplinary choreographer and dancer Giovanni Zazzera, to Scottish audiences this summer (12 - 25 August @ C Venues - C Aquila, venue 21)

A poignant foray into the intricacies of the self, NEGARE brings to the fore a curiously atypical and ever-shifting character to question the universal themes of identity and observation. Clothes disappear, a body changes; and a new face is built through the manipulation of mask and tissue.

For more information about Negare, please visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/negare 

Image credit: Marco Pavone

Of The Land On Which We MeetNa Djinang Circus, part of House of Oz (31 July - 27 August) 

Created by the groundbreaking Melbourne-based circus company behind Common Dissonance (2019) and Arterial (2021), acclaimed Na Djinang Circus presents Of The Land On Which We Meet for this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival - a visually stunning three-hander circus show that explores contemporary Australia’s lack of connection to its histories, land, and spirit (31 July - 27 August @ Assembly Checkpoint).

31b1151e7800f51787d47586572d24a4f8ed7366.pngSet on a monochrome stage dotted with tiny pools of sand and a single illuminated picture frame, performers Johnny Brown, Bridie Hooper, and Manuela Kaydo-Nitis undertake a dream-like, deeply intimate foray into three distinctly personal stories about Country, via highly skilled circus combined with thrilling movement, contemporary dance, and theatre. 

Probing themes of connection in modern Australia, the unseen bonds between First Nations People, and connection to Country, Of The Land On Which We Meet asks us how we can celebrate the land’s incredible 60,000+ year past and re-discover its future. 

Image credit: Tiffany Garvie

For more information about Of The Land On Which We Meet, please visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/of-the-land-on-which-we-meet

Futuristic Folktales - Charlotte Mclean and Collaborators (13 - 18 August)

Returning after a fantastic Internab55cf2e503edcd77acd75dea4afe76f73eac2284.pngtional Spring Tour, Charlotte Mclean and Collaborator's meditative dance show Futuristic Folktales will come to Dance Base @ Assembly (13 - 18 August)

Directed by acclaimed choreographer Charlotte Mclean of 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe smash-hit And, Futuristic Folktales is a much anticipated dance-theatre show about the momentous story of the first womb. Co-created with a groundbreaking creative team, Futuristic Folktales experiments with contemporary and Scottish Highland dance to explore a unique environment where life and death intimately coexist. 

Image credit: Amy Sinead Photography

For more information about Futuristic Folktales, please visit: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/futuristic-folktales 

Header Image Credit: Matteo Blau


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