Peter Buka - Talented pianist performing any cover

Peter Buka is a Pianist and Songwriter who was born in 1997. He started playing the piano at age of 7. In 2017 he started uploading his first Cover videos to Youtube. He reached millions of people with his first videos right away.

Peter Buka - Talented pianist performing any cover

You just have to watch one of his videos to understand where this figure comes from. The Kawai brand grand piano combined with blue LEDs makes the video original and gives off a relaxing atmosphere, the angles used in the videos are very well done for the viewer. 

Peter plays the piano with so much ease that you might think playing the piano is child's play, yet many pianists will tell you otherwise. Peter's dexterity is impressive when he plays watching his hands and fingers, they become one with the piano. This speed and precision allows Peter to offer covers of all kinds, generally Pop but also film music appreciated by the general public. In addition to sharing covers on YouTube, he performs them in public as well as in the subways thanks to self-service pianos.

I'll let you take a look at the Peter Buka channel among his covers you will inevitably find one that you know.

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