Faroese American Singer Marianna Winter releases Live Video for ‘Consequences’

Singer-songwriter Marianna Winter continues to captivate with her unique blend of soulful pop melodies and gritty undertones. With the release of a live performance video for her single 'Consequences', she showcases her exceptional talent. 

Following the success of the official music video, Marianna Winter's latest offering takes listeners on a journey through her introspective and emotive musical world. Recorded at Studio Bloch in her hometown, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, the live performance video highlights Winter's captivating vocals and raw performance style.

In this live studio performance, Marianna Winter breathes new life into 'Consequences'. The track, known for its playfully dark elements, is transformed into a laid-back, breezy showcase of Winter's exceptional talents. The addition of warbly electric piano and warm, saturated guitar tones creates a relaxed atmosphere, allowing Winter's live performance abilities to shine through. This rendition offers a refreshing take on the song, inviting listeners to experience 'Consequences' in a different light.

Marianna Winter's music draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Lennon Stella, Daniel Caeser, Joesef, UMI, and Mahalia. Her sound combines elements of soul, pop, and lo-fi, resulting in a distinctive musical experience. Born and raised partly in California and Tórshavn, Winter defies cultural and musical norms, infusing her songs with a blend of LA heat and quintessential Nordic sound. Her ability to offer a unique perspective on both cultures adds depth and richness to her music.

Reflecting on her single 'Consequences', Marianna Winter opens up about the deeper emotions it represents. She acknowledges the dark part of herself rooted in jealousy and feeling small, and how it is ever-present in her relationships and social experiences. Winter reveals her decision to embrace this vulnerability, understanding that shaming it does not make it disappear. 'Consequences' serves as a moment for this aspect of her personality to shine, offering an honest and relatable exploration of complex emotions.

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