Electro-pop artist CHAiLD is back with new EP "Urgent Care"

The Brussels-based rising artist just returned with a new EP.

CHAiLD's new EP "Urgent Care" showcases the young artist's impressive talents in songwriting, production, and performance. The EP is a powerful exploration of the artist's personal journey towards self-acceptance and healing, delivered through honest lyrics and soulful melodies.

In this EP, CHAiLD talks about his struggles and need for help while he delves into his past traumas and the pain he has been carrying for too long. The lyrics are poignant and raw, and CHAiLD's emotive vocals bring them to life in a powerful way.

The EP features six tracks in total, and each one has its own unique sound and message with "Urgent Care" being the title track. Overall, "Urgent Care" is a well-crafted and cohesive EP that showcases CHAiLD's talents as an artist and songwriter. The production is polished and professional, with catchy hooks and intricate electronic beats.

In addition to his musical talents, CHAiLD is also a powerful voice for the queer youth in need of self-expression. He integrates his own Italian roots into his unique brand of pop, creating a style that is both pleasing and authentic.

The EP is accompanied by a series of live dates, including an EP release show in Luxembourg, performances at Tallinn Music Week and E-Lake festival, and more. This is a testament to CHAiLD's rising popularity and growing fanbase, and it's clear that this young artist is one to watch in the world of electro-pop.

To find out more about the artist: https://www.iamchaild.com

Header Image Credit: Steven Cruz


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