ORCA's Latest Release: "Out of Reach" - A Hauntingly Dreamy Track

ORCA just returned with a new track titled rightly "Out Of Reach".

ORCA has released a new single titled "Out of Reach" which is a haunting and dreamy track that explores introspection, frustration, and acceptance. Lydia Eastman, the multi-instrumentalist behind ORCA, drew inspiration for the song from her love for the ocean and surf guitar tones, which are reflected in the track's whimsical guitar tones and use of synth, keyboards, and echoing reverb. The cover art for the single features Lydia reaching for sunbeams in an underwater cavern, which represents the theme of accepting the present and letting go of frustration caused by unattainable goals. "Out of Reach" is part of ORCA's upcoming Ghosts EP, which blends driving guitar with surf tones, melodic riffs, and piano accents to create a modern indie rock sound with nods to early influences such as The Beatles, The Cranberries, and emo bands like Eisley and Deas Vail.


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