Rachael Sage previews new single 'Whistle Blow'

'Whistle Blow' is set to release on April 21st. 

Rachael Sage previews new single 'Whistle Blow'

Beacon for emotion and authenticity Rachel Sage previews a new captivating single, 'Whistle Blow,' teasing her new upcoming album, 'The Other Side,' coming later this Summer. 

Rachael Sage is more than just an award-winning singer; she is an artist, poet, arranger, and producer. Her sense of artistry is beyond our imagination. Sage's blend of folk, pop, rock, blues, and jazz is elevated with Sage's illustrious songwriting. 

Her new release 'Whistle Blow' is set to deliver an accompanying theatrical performance by Sage exploring power dynamics. 'Whistle Blow' will be the first release of this year and act as the lead teaser of her 15th album 'The Other Side,' produced by Sage and alongside engineers Mikhail Pivovarov and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla. 

In the past, Sage usually drew from her personal experiences, but for 'Whistle Blow,' she found inspiration in the imagined perspective of someone who has been wronged by someone in a great position of power. 

'Whistle Blow' is set to be released on April 21st. 

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