Makeup artist Rachele Fialco joins Voice for an exclusive interview.

Makeup artist and podcaster Rachele Fialco is on a mission to bring confidence to women and help them embrace their inner beauty. And when you have as much knowledge of life as she has, you know you are in safe hands.

Makeup artist Rachele Fialco joins Voice for an exclusive interview.

Hi Rachele, it's a pleasure to meet you. What have you been up to since the New Year?

Well, I've been quite busy lately. I just finished my 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as wrapping up my life in the US in preparation for moving to London in March.

Could you talk us through your life story?                    

A brief summary:

I grew up in the US, moving around a few times to different parts of the country because my parents divorced. As an adult, I seemed to continue that theme of moving about.

I went to University in NYC and then transferred to Nashville, TN where I graduated with a Degree in business with a music business minor from Belmont University. I worked in the music industry there for six years, met a lot of extraordinary musicians and artists, went to many live music concerts, had a ton of fun and made great friends.

After a quarter-life crisis and the music industry undergoing a massive change with online music platforms, I moved back to NYC. I had a career shift and decided to pursue another passion of mine, make-up. I networked around Manhattan and emailed every make-up artist and agency I could find to get jobs assisting make-up artists in the fashion industry.

I was always very artistic as a child. As well as various sports: ice skating, rollerblading, soccer, horseback riding, and snowboarding, I did all the creative things painting, dancing, singing, piano, acting, and photography. My mom always told me I was better at doing my own hair at four years old than she was, and I always loved make-up; I always loved watching my mom do her make-up.

For three years, I assisted other make-up artists, for fashion week, on major magazine editorials, cover shoots and for big brand campaigns in the US. During this time, I also had the opportunity to attend make-up school at the Makeup For Ever Academy in Soho, NYC, which gave me the confidence to go off on my own.

In 2015 I was offered a job in Miami, FL and moved there to work for a beauty brand in their corporate office. I hated it. Working in an office at a desk all day was not for me, even though it was a fantastic company.

Working there wasn't all bad, though. I made a lot of friends, was able to work on extraordinary events, travel a bit, and had mentors I learned a lot from. The first couple of years were some of my most challenging but also some of the best because I learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of.

My long commute reignited my personal and spiritual development journey. I turned my drive and work day into a "University of inner growth" because I was listening to so many podcasts and audiobooks.

In Miami and then eventually Palm Beach, I was able to network with photographers and brands to start doing more make-up freelance work for photoshoots which led to me doing that full-time.

I am very interested in personal development, self-improvement, Psychology, Astrology, Human Design, meditation and yoga. I am a certified Vinyasa yoga and Kundalini Yoga teacher and practice some form of yoga/meditation daily.

I was a chronic people pleaser, and being a child of divorce who had parents who did not get along was very challenging for me emotionally. I am a believer that you can never stop learning, growing, healing, and becoming more mindful of who you are and who you want to be.

The incredible amount of healing internally and emotionally I have actively pursued has led to freedom from the constraints of trying to be someone I "should" be and becoming unapologetically myself. I want to inspire and help other women do the same.

I practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and am obsessed with it!

I enjoy travelling and experiencing new places and cultures.

You started a new podcast Inner Beauty Code; what kind of conversations do you want to start on this program?

I want to start conversations with women highlighting their journey to find their confidence, authenticity, self-love and inner beauty. To demystify this idealized standard of perfection that most women hold themselves up to and can never meet because it is unrealistic. It prevents us from embracing who we truly are and who our soul wants us to be to find true happiness.

By hearing stories of other women's journeys, the ups, the downs and the triumphs, I hope to inspire and encourage women to turn inward, gain more self-awareness and pursue their dreams. And to stop dimming their light and have the courage to become the version of themselves begging to be set free. So much of our attention and energy is focused externally to find happiness and validate our worth, but it really starts within. 

The intention is to inspire women to pursue their dreams, find more self-love and appreciation, and know they are not alone. I plan to start by bringing this conversation to the beauty industry and the BJJ community.

Inner Beauty Code:

Beauty, BJJ & Beyond

Exploring women's journeys to unlocking their inner beauty, confidence and soul essence.

Who was the most famous person you met?

Reese Witherspoon, Shania Twain, Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Tilbury

Could you name your top 3 people you would like to do make-up for?

Such a tricky question to answer because I have many, but: 

- Dua Lipa - I do love her

- Keira Knightley

- Emilia Clarke

- Shakira

UK Influencers:

- Estee Lalonde - she seems like a really lovely person with whom I would get along.

- Chloe Lloyd - Same; I like her videos on social media

What do you love the most about Jiu-Jitsu?

I love the community; no matter where you travel, you can always find friends and a community of people from all different walks of life who share your passion. I have met some really amazing people and made some great friends through BJJ.

I come from an industry so focused on external appearances and beauty, BJJ allows me to unleash my tomboy side and not focus on what I look like, and I love that. I love that it forces you to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I love that it trains your mind to slow down and focus even if your fight or flight response gets triggered.

And knowing how to defend yourself and putting in the work to learn the positions has brought an inner confidence I can't really explain, but I love that as well. Overall it is just fun, and I love it.

You also practice Kundalini Yoga; where is your favourite spot/studio to do yoga?

I like Triyoga in Chelsea and have a few other places I found on the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association I want to try! I practice at home as well.

What are some other ways you stay healthy and mindful?

It changes, but I mainly stick to meditation, practice vinyasa yoga, read, do weight training and outdoor walks, get IV therapy, try to watch what I eat, and check my blood work regularly to ensure my thyroid and hormones are balanced.


If you could only use three make-up products, what would they be and why?

This is such a hard question!

A tinted moisturizer - I use Chanel CC cream right now; it gives good coverage without being too thick, greasy or too dry and lasts throughout the day.

Mascara - I really like Lancome - lash idol - It lengthens, volumizes and separates the lashes. It doesn't flake or smudge, and it is not clumpy.

Lip balm - Laneige, the berry one in the tube, I hate having dry lips, and I really love how this feels on and has a slight purple tint that looks nice with my skin tone.

Charlotte Tilbury's spotlight highlighter

Dibs Beauty "Desert Duo stick #2 is also a go-to! It has a contour and a blush in one.

Over the years, have you developed any makeup or skincare tricks?

Yes, I found the key to great-looking make-up is having a great canvas or base. I encourage all my clients to take care of their skin by drinking lots of water and having a skincare routine that hydrates and gently exfoliate weekly.

Personally, I use a gentle face wash that removes makeup and daily grime without stripping my skin of oils, followed by a hyaluronic acid serum and a vita C serum before using my eye cream and face cream. At night I cycle through different products that hydrate and exfoliate, like AHA or glycolic and Retin A.

I am 37, and skincare has become an essential part of my routine because I have noticed a change in my skin; it is drier these days.

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