Goodvibes Sound Release First Album The Institute

The duo Goodvibes Sound creating upbeat, fun and psychedelic music are back with a full album titled 'The Institute'.

Angus and Alex from Goodvibes Sound are the new UK sensation with their catchy output. The two friends have an impressive career so far - from playing on the Main Stage at The Big Weekend to sharing the bill with Nile Rodgers & Chic and been recognised by BCC Introducing as ‘one to watch’. Their music is incredibly captivating so there is no doubt they built a loyal fanbase. They recently unveiled their first solo album.

The Institute is a story about someone who feels lost and alienated and sets out on a journey that leads them to find the mythical Goodvibes Institute. It represents a journey that the duo has both been on in their lives, from feeling lost to walking a new path together and finding themselves in music and presence. What started as an escapist project for Angus and Alex, became a work that they connected deeply together on and a story that expresses a few truths that they feel are important, including that connection with each other through music, is one of the most enlightening things people can enjoy when they get together. The Institute feels like a trip to take while listening to the 16 tracks. It goes from carefree to angsty, fun to weird, but mostly it's a very groovy vibe that you can put on to chill out or dance to.

Listen below:

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