Summer Showcase: Dystopian Model

Layomi Majekodunmi's submission to the Summer Showcase is a series of drawings and digital work that create a model of a dystopian scene inspired by New York.

Layomi worked on a series of drawings and digital work in order to create a model of a dystopian scene inspired by New York.

Judge's comment

"A very impressive model in which you could see the thought process behind and all the factors taken into account. I really liked the level of detail and effort put into the model and an explanation all the way through"

Dystopian Model was entered into the Experimental category of the 2022 Voice Summer Showcase
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About the author

What attracted you to the artform? Was there a particular inspiration? 

I wanted to explore making a model as well as using digital applications to create 3D models as it is something I have always wanted to do, but never have given it a chance. I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration which lead me to wanting to create a model and design it rather than painting it as that is what I would usually do.

How did you learn to do this artform? Were there any challenges? 

I used the brief introduction on Sketch up in order to create the model design, experimenting with creating shapes and omitting sections for window as well as adding sections for other details within the buildings. It was quite difficult to get everything to look like what I was aiming for as I wasn't sure how to make very shape in the buildings for example the building with the round front popping out, but I experimented and was able to achieve a similar effect to what I was aiming for. In terms of creating the actual model, with minimal and mostly recycled materials, I struggled to add in all the details as for example I was planning to use a craft knife to cut out windows, but without access to one, I had to adapt and use sharpies to add in the details. Most of my work was just experimenting with the materials that were available to produce an outcome.

What is a tip that you would give to somebody else looking to get started in this artform?

I would say to begin by experimenting with different shapes and techniques, it may not be perfect at first, but with practice you will eventually be able to produce your desired outcome and move on to more challenging approaches. Also try to look at different buildings you have seen in real life, as it makes it easier to adapt certain areas as you have a 'reference' to work from as well as your imagination.

Layomi is a student that was born in London. She loves art and is particularly interested in becoming an Architect and studying Architecture and Cambridge University or abroad.



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