Summer Showcase: Dreams in the Bodhi [Winner]

Leer He's submission to the Summer Showcase is a series of pictures that show off her hand-stitched bib, which takes inspiration from indigenous people of Guangxi, China.

The main point of the shoot was a bib that I hand-stitched and designed, inspired by the Buddhist image of a flying celestial being, and the embroidery pattern I used was a traditional pattern from the indigenous people of Guangxi, China, to convey a idealism of the world without the so-call “fashion trend.”

Judge's comment

 "I really loved this piece of photography as it took a lot of elements about the climate crisis I see as prevalent, it being personal and intersectional which I believe are left out in the mainstream media. The vibrant colours complemented each other very well and the hand stitched design added to this detail and really won me over. Excellent piece!"

Dreams in the Bodhi is the Winner of the Established category of the 2022 Voice Summer Showcase.
a8eba36c28fab38dfb97ec18aa10404d1eda5754.pngAnite Onkunde

About the author

How long have you been practising this artform, and what first attracted you to it? 

Since I was born. Just joking, we are all social animal living under the prejudice, but someone like me will always keeping their eyes on the rule breaker.

How did you get started? Was there anything that you found particularly helpful?

It was a time when I went to a culture workshop in China, organized by The indigenous group. Yeah Henning many fabric with beautiful Croft and the totem which record the story from their tales or religions. I was so inspired, therefore, I started to do research about what was the world lie before the western fashion came in.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pick up the same artform?

Always full of passion and curiosity. And always happy to help and never give up, this is really important because it always appear many thing to stop you while you choose this pathway, people actually don’t care about those and being famous is always important in the society point of view.

Is there an achievement that you're particularly proud of?

To defined the meaning of achievement won’t get any answers I need this and walk for me, but there’s one moment did cheers me up and making me feel so successful, which is when I receive the offer from the Wimbledon College of Art, that means I’m able to enter and collaborated with those group of people from different culture background around the world.

Leer He is Chinese student currently studying costume design in UK. As a culture explore, she is always curious to the aesthetic and style between different people around the world.



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